Spectre of Communism

Spectre of Communism: New IMT podcast out 7 November!

A spectre is haunting all major podcast platforms… The International Marxist Tendency (IMT) is launching a new weekly podcast, the Spectre of Communism, to coincide with the anniversary of the Russian Revolution (7 November). The first episode will feature Alan Woods, editor-in-chief of and author of Bolshevism: The Road to Revolution. Subscribe today, and tune in every Tuesday!

Under the crisis-ridden capitalist system, humanity lurches from one disaster to another: from economic turmoil and soaring inflation; to the inter-imperialist war in Ukraine; to the incalculable suffering inflicted by imperialist-backed Israel on the Palestinians.

Given these circumstances, it is no surprise that an unprecedented number of radicalised workers and young people are being drawn to the banner of communism. 

The IMT’s highly successful ‘Are You a Communist’ campaign testifies to the hunger for revolutionary ideas amongst growing layers of society. They are rejecting the propaganda of the ruling class and seeking a total break with the old order. They are saying: “we are communists, and we want to get organised!”

But what does it mean to be a communist? What is the communist perspective on the most pressing questions facing humanity: like armed conflict, the climate crisis, technological development, inequality, and so on? In what philosophical and historical traditions do we stand? How do we answer typical right-wing objections to communism, like the supposedly insurmountable obstacle of ‘human nature’?

Communist ideas and struggle: on the digital airwaves!

The purpose of this podcast is to arm our listeners with the ideas and arguments necessary to defend the principles of communism, to win others over to a revolutionary perspective, and to help our listeners master Marxist theory for themselves.

If you enjoyed the IMT’s previous podcast series, International Marxist Radio, you will be in familiar territory! Every week we will invite on a different speaker, covering a different aspect of theory, history or analysis. We will also comment on world events, so you can get the communist perspective on the latest developments in the news.

Our first episode will deal with the greatest event in human history: the October Revolution of 1917. For communists, the Russian Revolution is a beacon of inspiration, as the first time in human history when the working masses prevailed over their ruling class.

Under the leadership of Lenin, Trotsky and the Bolshevik party, the Russian workers and peasants brought down the rule of the capitalists and landlords, which had cloaked itself behind the cover of the pro-war Provisional Government of Kerensky after the Tsar was brought down in February 1917. On the basis of a new regime of rule through democratically-elected workers’, soldiers’ and peasants’ soviets (i.e. councils), they began the process of rebuilding society on socialist foundations.

Alan will discuss these momentous events, and the enormous lessons they hold for revolutionaries today. 

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Spectre of Communism

Israel-Palestine: Intifada until victory!

On Saturday 7 October, Hamas forces in Gaza launched an unexpected attack on Israel, triggering an immediate response from the Israeli Defence Force. Fundamentally, this is a conflict between unequal forces, as the Palestinian masses have for decades been the victims of a regime of terror promoted by the likes of Netanyahu and Israel’s imperialist backers in the west.

In this special episode, International Marxist Radio returns before the launch of the International Marxist Tendency’s new podcast in coming weeks. Fred Weston – a leading comrade of the IMT from the editorial board of – analyses this sudden turn in events in Palestine and explains how communists around the world should respond.

While bourgeois commentators reel in shock and denounce any and every act of violence by the oppressed Palestinians, they turn a blind eye to the crushing dominance of the Israeli military. 

First and foremost, the task of Marxists is to understand the current situation, which is why we would recommend this recent article, written shortly after Hamas’ initial attack: